Each Transformation trajectory starts with a no-obligation intake and short introductory training. During this appointment we talk about your goals, sports history, current lifestyle and your diet. Furthermore, we will look at your basic motor skills (quality of movement) and you will be asked about medical indications and about how well you think you can handle the training intensities. Following the introductory session, we present a plan of action. We discuss the best options for you: doing it yourself or with a form of personal guidance (1op1, Small Group Training or a combination).

Personal Training

Free training in our Private Gym is standard with our PTA-Membership. And if you wish to hire a Personal Trainer to assist you with your 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION, we will explain you in detail how it works if you want to start with a 1on1 PT trajactory and/or want to join the Personal Training classes. We'll advise on what would be the ideal frequency of training with that. With our four Membership levels you can set up every conceivable customized trajactory that will make you reach your goals.


Once you have registered with us, you will immediately receive our Ebook 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION via email. In this Ebook we describe week by week in detail what you need to do to get an amazing Transormation result. Also you receive a few instruction e-mails from us to optimize the start of your trajectory in best way possible. We will send you the login details for your personal account on our online portal the next working day. We also set up the initial nutritional guidelines for you, with which you pursue your first intermediate goal. Let's work!


During an 1on1 trajectory most clients train with a frequency of twice a week. But it often takes more than training twice a week to keep moving forward. Changing diet and lifestyle habits is also part of it! In addition, it can be useful to add one or more targeted activities per week to your 1on1 project. From the PTA-Basic level and up, we offer, in addition to access to the private gym, a full coachingservice for a competitive price! You will receive online support and a bundle of PT-Credits with which you participate in one of our Personal Training classes at least once a week.

Personal Training classes

From the PTA-Start level and up you can participate in a Personal Training class (Semi-Personal Training) twice a week. Participating several times a week is of course also possible! We work with four different types of PT-Classes where you complete a targeted training with a maximum of five other clients under the guidance of a Personal Trainer. We offer FEMME FIT, BOX FIT, BURN, CORE FIT and KETTLEBELL & TRX classes. If you want to join specific classes at a higher frequency per week, simply upgrade your membership level.

Online Support

From the PTA-Basic level and up, our online support is a standard. In addition, when you join our gym, we set up your nutritional quidelines in the app; how many calories you must consume daily and which macro ratios must be adhered to in order to achieve your first intermediate goal. From that point on, you use our know-how docs, Training programs and recipes to further expand your knowledge and to add the necessary structure to your training, nutrition and other lifestyle habits. Schedule a 1op1 consultation with one of our professionals, if you need more help.

Private Gym NDSM

In our large private Personal Training gym in Amsterdam there is no need to worry about crazy gym folk. The clients there are fun and relaxed people with different backgrounds and above all; they are focussed! We have two separate changing rooms with showers. We have our own free parking spots right in front of our gym! Gym-access to train by appointment is included in every membership level! Independent training in our private gym is only possible with the PTA-Basic level. As an extra service we sell coffee, tea and we make our own post workout shakes.

PTA-Program app

With our PTA-Program app on your smart Phone you have direct access to your personal account on our online portal. The portal is also accessible via laptop. Here you will find our databases of training programs, recipes and know-how videos. You also use the app to log your nutrition, body results and to log the intensities of your training. You register for our Personal Training classes via the online agenda on the portal. You can also view all your current membership information via the app. Our Start-up Manual describes step by step how you can get the most out of the online portal.

Getting the results!

With our Personal Training classes and online support as a basis, you improve your execution technique, increase your strength levels and improve your stamina. You can expand your trajectory at any time with a 1on1 trajectory to work on specific points of attention. By consistently following the right advice and guidelines, you will perform better with every subsequent workout, build muscle and continue to burn fat! We advise you with which frequency you best take the necessary measurements and record them in your personal account. Do what we tell you to do, work hard and every week you will achieve tangible and visible results!

Start today with your 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION!

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