Introduction session

Every Personal Training project starts with an intake and a short introduction training. During this introduction session we talk about your goals, sports history, lifestyle and your nutritional habits. Furthermore we screen your fundamental movement patterns, ask for any medical background information that we need to take in consideration and off course we need to make an estimation of the amount of physical stress your body can endure.

Frequency of training

To finish up the short introduction training we present to you our thoughts on how we can get you the results within the given timeframe. Alongside we'll advise which type of personal coaching (1on1 or Semi-Personal Training) will suit your ambition in the best way and what would be the ideal frequency of training (once, twice or three times a week or other options) with that. Then we can discuss which membership (certain amount of PT-Credits) would be the best to get you started with. With the PT-Credits you automatically pay when you plan a Personal Training session.

Membership options

Every membership holds a specific amount of PT-Credits. When you want to change the frequency of training you can either upgrade or downgrade your membership for the next month. You are always in control! Although the initial membership term is three months that automatically turns into a membership that you can end with a one month cancelation notice, we advice you to keep working with us for a longer period of time. Because we believe that a sustainable Personal Training project maximizes results and makes them more permanent!

Gym access is inclusive

In our large private Personal Training gym in Amsterdam there is no need to worry about crazy gym folk. The clients there are fun and relaxed people with different backgrounds and above all; they are focussed! We have two separate changing rooms each of them has two showers. We have our own free parking spots right in front of our gym! Unlimited gym access as well as online coaching (on nutrition) is inclusive! So no extra costs! We also have a towel rental service, sell bottled water and make our own post workout shakes!


Directly after you signed up, you'll receive our Start-up manual by email. Our team immediately gets to work and places your customized plan (nutrition and training) ultimately within 5 days on your account in our online portal. This plan we call PTA-Program. By the way you don't have to wait until you get your plan to make a start with Personal Training! Activate your ambition and plan for your first official session today or tomorrow! Let's work!

PTA-Program app

Via the PTA app on your smartphone you have direct access to your personal account on our portal. Here you'll find your PTA-Program. Use our app to log your daily food consumption, body results and perhaps even your physical activities. Also via our app you can communicate with your online coach and schedule for Personal Training sessions by using the online planner. Last but not least you can look into your current membership details.

Nutritional coaching

Your online coach evaluates your progress and keeps updating your PTA-Program along the way. Our nutritional coaching can be quite intense (unless you prefer a different approach) because consistently getting in the right nutrition is essential for daily progress. Use our app to log your nutrition and you can count on our basic and effective advices! Your online coach stimulates you to keep hitting those benchmarks within the range of what is possible regarding your hectic lifestyle.

Getting the results!

From the moment you start you'll keep on improving technique and raising your strength levels. You'll build up muscle mass (just the way how you want it to develop) and keep burning fat. Depending on your starting point and plan we'll do the necessary body measurements once, twice or maybe four times a month and log them in your account. When it comes down to proper nutrition, training the right way and making sure you recuperate, do exactly as we say and we'll promise you week after week you not only feel but see the results!

Make a start!

Just take that first stap and burst through your comfort zone! Just leave your details down below and we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment for a 1on1 meeting to talk about your goals and a consult.